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3 Simple Exercises to Protect Your Bones

Bone health is a prevalent concern for many.  When bone density reaches low levels, the risk for fracture increases and, for the aging population, that often translates into high-risk for dependent living and decreased lifespan.  Whether you’re young or old, working on your bone strength is a good idea! So, how can one preserve their […]

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

In team sports, there are often unsung heroes who greatly influence the outcome of the game: offensive linemen in football, midfielders in soccer, catchers in baseball, and many other examples. If you’re a casual fan, you may hardly notice their presence unless something goes wrong with their performance.

The plantar fascia on the bottom of your foot is an unsung hero.

What You Need to Know About Sleep and Exercise

Your parents probably warned you about the dangers of not getting proper rest. Decades of research by scientists who study sleep have been showing that they were right. 

While retaining information and staying awake in class or while at work is important, the research makes it clear that proper sleep has extensive benefits to physical health, too. During the recovery period from exercise, these benefits can be profound. 

Joint Knowledge: The ACL

ACL injuries are among the most common types of knee injuries, usually occurring during activities that require sharp turns, high-impact jumping and landing, physical force to the knee, and sudden stops and starts. These include sports such as basketball, soccer, football, tennis, skiing, and mixed martial arts.

In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at this little ligament.

Is It Possible to Exercise Too Much?

We’ve all had a cold or the flu at some point. Among the numerous benefits, you’ve likely heard that exercise can help the immune system fight off illness–there’s some truth to it. However, the benefits depend on the level of activity. Research shows that regular exercise at a moderate level supports immune function better than being sedentary…but overtraining can actually impair our ability to fight off infection.

Read on to learn how too much exercise can backfire.

2 Simple Exercises for Weak Knees

Most people have a “weak in the knees” moment at some point in their life – the day they meet the love of their life, their wedding day, the day their child is born. But in general, weak knees aren’t a good thing. In fact, they leave you susceptible to injury and pain.

So, what can you do to strengthen your knees?

Get ready for a surprise…try addressing your glutes! (That is, your butt muscles).

Low Back Stiffness: An Unsuspecting Culprit

The low back is one of the most common sites for discomfort. Studies show that approximately 80 percent of Americans will experience a back problem at some point in their lifetime. In fact, low back issues are the fifth most common healthcare complaint.

Because most movements recruit the low back, discomfort can affect everyday activities including walking, sleeping, and even driving.

While multiple factors can contribute to low back issues, one sneaky culprit may be your hamstrings!

What is The Core”?”

When you start reading about getting and staying fit as you age, you’ll see a lot of references to…the core.

While this can be a little vague if you aren’t familiar with this muscle group, a strong core really is the key to strength and stability. Understanding the purpose of the core and how to optimize it is key to flexibility, strength, and avoiding injury as you age.

The Quick Start Guide to Exercising Safely with Troubled Knees

It can feel like a vicious cycle: you need to exercise to keep limber and fit. But, the wrong exercises can lead to discomfort in your joints, especially those in your knees. The key is to craft an exercise routine that is filled with low-impact exercises, with special attention to protecting your knees.

Learning the moves to include and the ones to avoid can help you keep fit and strong without risking knee damage.

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