how affiliate program works

Artic Flex is formulated by orthopedic doctors with their patients’ articular problems in mind. Since we have started, we have been committed to improving the quality of life of those with bone and joint problems. We are also a brand that is dedicated to supporting those that support us. Our partners earn when a customer uses the designated discount code unique to each partner.

1. Get a coupon code

Sign up to be a Partner and you’ll get a unique referral coupon code that tracks who clicked and signed up.

2. Share your coupon code

Refer Artic Flex to your friends, followers, and clients, and they’ll get 20% off on their first purchase!

3. Earn Commissions

Every month your referrals’ subscription renews, you’ll get up to 25% recurring commission for life.

Earn up to 25% recurring monthly income for lifetime

Affiliates are paid commissions, currently through Paypal, on the amount the customer pays at checkout for Artic Flex products (sales tax and shipping not included). If the customer purchases a sale item, you will be paid commission based on the sale price paid.

1-499                      15%
500-1499             20%
1500+                     25%


No, we do not have any fees to become an affiliate of Artic Flex.

Each product carries a unique referral fee. Affiliates earn tiered commissions on each net sale. Commissions vary by product or service. Affiliates will always have full knowledge of all commissions before participation in that product or service.

Periodically, incentives will be available for all affiliates and bonus incentives for top affiliates. More importantly, we are always looking for like-minded professional to help shape future products and services of Artic Flex. Think you have an idea that would benefit the Artic Flex family? We would love to hear from you.


We value both our Artic Flex affiliates and customers.

Like most companies, we wont put up with abusive, misleading, fraudulent or other unacceptable behavior.

This type of behavior will result in termination of the affiliate relationship and or account.


Refer Artic Flex to your friends, followers, and clients, and they’ll get 20% off on their first purchase.