The Artic Flex formulation not only includes key nutrients in bone and joint health,
but also nutrients that support easy absorption and neutralize free radicals.

Vitamin D Alone


Vitamin D +
Krill Oil

Bioaccessibility of Vitamin D

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Why krill oil instead of fish oil?

It's a great question. After all, fish oil is an effective supplement. Krill oil and fish oil have a lot in common, but researchers have found that their slight differences in nutrients and environmental factors make krill oil the superior choice.

Krill Oil Benefits

  • They have the largest biomass on the planet, making them a more sustainable and ethical harvesting choice.
  • Due to the strict harvesting standards and pristine conditions of the Southern Antarctic Ocean, krill come in far less
    contact with toxins, contaminants, and pollutants compared to industrial fish oil fisheries.
  • Astaxanthin and phospholipids are found naturally in krill. This can’t be assumed with fish oil supplements.
  • In fact, fish oil doesn’t contain phospholipids at all.

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