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Vitamin C and the Immune System: Hype or Healthy?

Many of us grew up following common knowledge: when you feel like you’ve caught a cold, load up on Vitamin C. 

We know that this post isn’t a perfect fit for our Hype or Healthy series–after all, we know that Vitamin C and the immune system is linked–but, after this season’s wave of common cold and flu viruses, it got us thinking…

What exactly is Vitamin C and how much of a role does it actually play in the prevention of the common cold?

MCTs: Hype or Healthy?

So far in our Hype or Healthy series, we’ve covered collagen, hyaluronic acid, omega-6 fatty acids, and probiotics. We like to offer you a look at what the research really says about these popular supplements. Are they just fads? Or does evidence back them up?

Today we’re going to take a closer look at medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). If you’ve been wondering what MCTs are, the benefits they offer, and what the research says about them, keep reading!

7 Foods Naturally Loaded with Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral critical for good health. In fact, it’s required for many different physiological processes within your body. It helps keep your immune system healthy, metabolizes nutrients, and is essential for the growth and repair of tissues.   

Since your body can’t store zinc, it’s important to make sure you’re eating enough to get the amount your body needs daily. 

How to Manage (or Lose) Weight Without Changing What You Eat

If you’ve been trying to lose weight or have tried multiple diets in the past, you are definitely not alone.

While maintaining a healthy or ideal weight isn’t the end all be all, the two everyday habits we discuss in today’s article can help provide a solid foundation for weight management over the long-term in the realm of your nutrition/dietary lifestyle.  

6 In-Season Fruits and Veggies to Try this Spring

Spring comes like a breath of fresh air after a long winter, bringing with it growth, renewal, and new life. The birds return, the grass gets greener, and flowers start blooming. It’s also the time when the first fruits and veggies of the season are ready to be picked and harvested on farms and in gardens.

Eating in-season produce helps you get more variety in your diet.  This is great news for your body as well as your daily menu.  Try adding some of these healthy, nutrient-rich, in-season fruits and vegetables to your plate this springtime.

7 Nutrients to Support Your Bone Mineral Density

Low bone mineral density (BMD) affects millions of aging Americans today. The scary part? It’s often unrealized until a bone is broken or other health issues present themselves. In fact, researchers expect related fractures to double within the next 50 years.

What’s the best way to avoid the risks of low bone mineral density? Prevention. Preserving and maximizing bone mass is essential, as well as ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs to support optimal bone health.

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