The 6 Best Vegan Sources of Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies.  From collagen to bone growth to immunity to cellular growth, zinc plays multiple roles in the body.

One of the best sources for zinc is shellfish.  An ounce of oysters, for example, contains 50.8mg of zinc.  Compare that to an ounce of ground beef at 1.6mg.*

What if you’re not a fan of oysters?  Or, what if you don’t eat meat or animal products?

While you won’t be able to find an once-for-ounce match up to compete against oysters, there are still great sources of zinc for you too! In fact, the below ingredients can make a pretty great snack if you mix them altogether!

In order of least amount of zinc per ounce to greatest…


#1 and #2  Chia Seeds (and Almonds)

In our research, chia seeds and almonds came in at a tie!

Zinc per ounce (28g) = 1.0mg


#3 Cashews

Zinc per ounce (28g) = 1.6mg


#4 Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc per ounce (28g) = 2.9mg


#5 Dark Chocolate

Technically, per ounce, dark chocolate should be listed first…but, we put it down here because a whole bar of chocolate comes out to be much more impressive (and most likely to be eaten in a given sitting)!

Zinc per ounce (28g) = 0.9mg

Zinc per bar (101g) = 3.3mg


#6  Peanuts

Zinc per ounce (28g) = 4.8mg

So there you have it!

Whenever you want to support your immune system, bones and joints, nervous system…need we go on?…here are some zinc-filled snacks to keep in mind!

*We used for the amount of zinc per serving measurements.  A handy tool if you want to know the nutrition facts, glycemic index, amino acid profile, and more for most foods!


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