The 5-Minute WFH Stretch Routine

If you’ve been working from home (WFH) and have noticed that your joints and muscles are a bit stiffer than usual, this 5-minute stretch routine can help you warm them up and get them moving.*

This routine is also for you if you’ve been on a Netflix show marathon! 😉


Here’s what you’ll need:


Next, take a look at these 5 movements…

Below we’ve included some helpful YouTube videos with some variations.

1. Back Extensions (seated or standing)

2. Side Bend Stretch (seated or standing)

3. Squats (or Sit-to-Stands)

4. Standing Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch

5. Seated Hamstring Stretch   


Below we’ve provided the structure of the routine, but you can dive right in by clicking here to head over to the interval timer.


Routine Structure

  • There’s a 5-second break in-between each exercise/stretch
  • There are two groups of exercises/stretches: upper body & lower body
  • Each exercise/stretch is performed twice

Upper Body

  • back extensions: 15s
  • side bend stretch: hold 30s
  • repeat each one more time

Lower Body

  • squats (or sit-to-stands): 20s
  • standing hip flexor stretch: hold 30s
  • seated hamstring stretch: hold 30s
  • repeat each one more time


And that’s it!  

Breathe normally and try to maintain an erect posture throughout the routine (i.e., no slouching and slumping). Be sure not to push through a painful limit; the routine is meant to be reasonably gentle.

Taking 5 minutes and going through this routine is a good way to get your blood flowing not only to your muscles but also to your brain.  

Plus, it lets your muscles and joints get a break from the common seated position we tend to be in whether we’re stuck at home on the couch or at the desk in the office.

Give it a shot!


*  This routine is not medical advice or to be used as a form of treatment.  Remember to consult your physician and/or physical therapist when adding new exercises to your daily routine.

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