The 4-Minute WFH Workout Routine

Back in May, we posted an article called, “The 5-Minute WFH Stretch Routine.”  Since it was one of our most-read Flex Friday emails, we thought we’d follow-up with an actual workout routine you can pair it with!*

If you’ve been working from home (WFH) and have noticed that your body is stiffer than usual and you feel more sluggish, give this workout a try! 

You might be thinking 4 minutes is way too short for any type of workout. If you want to make it challenging, don’t worry…we have tips and tricks below that can make it a HIIT workout or one that simply serves to get the blood flowing without working up a full-on sweat.


Here’s what you’ll need…

  • This interval timer to keep track of time and guide you through the routine
  • A sturdy box, chair, bench, stepstool, or couch
  • A desk, counter, coffee table, bench, or wall


Next, take a look at these 4 movements…

Below we’ve included some helpful YouTube videos with some variations.

1. Box Squats 

  • Level 1: use an average chair (knees should bend around 90º but no deeper)
  • Level 2: use a stepstool, short bench, or couch (knees should bend around 90º or deeper!)

2. Incline Push-Ups 

  • Level 1: use a wall or kitchen counter
  • Level 2: use a chair or bench
  • Level 3: perform with knees on the ground
  • Level 4: perform standard pushups

3. High Knees

  • Level 1: marching in place at a comfortable pace
  • Level 2: marching in place at a pace that you consider fast
  • Level 3: increase the pace so that you are nearly jogging in place

4. Shoulder Taps

  • Level 1: use a wall or kitchen counter
  • Level 2: use a chair or bench
  • Level 3: perform with knees on the ground
  • Level 4: perform on the ground with knees off the ground and feet wide


Based on what your goal is, choose your workout and get started!

The exercise structure we’re using is called a Tabata, named after the person who created it. It is composed of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest.

In a true Tabata, you perform the same exercise throughout the 8 rounds, with the goal to complete as many reps as possible during each 20-second round.

If that sounds intimidating to you, not to worry!  We have more options for you below.


Option 1:  If your goal is to feel the burn and do a true Tabata

    • choose one of the above exercises
    • try to complete as many reps as you can during each round (high-intensity)

Option 2:  If your goal is simply to get some movement in without getting too hot or sweaty

    • do all four of the exercises above
      • e.g., round 1 box squats, round 2 push-ups, round 3 high knees, etc. until you complete 8 rounds
    • move at a comfortable to moderate pace


Go to the Workout Timer


Want to work out for more than 4 minutes?

No problem!  Here are some final tips to make it a longer workout:

  • do a true Tabata (or simply 8 rounds at a slower pace) of each exercise
  • if you’re doing Option 2, complete the workout again (or multiple times) after the first 8 rounds are complete
  • add bouts of walking or jogging at the beginning, end, or even throughout the workout


Good luck! If you end up trying it out, be sure to tag us on Instagram (@articflex) or Facebook!


*  This routine is not medical advice or to be used as a form of treatment.  Remember to consult your physician and/or physical therapist when adding new exercises to your daily routine.

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