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Whether your physician referred you to Artic Flex or you stumbled upon our premium krill oil in the effort to support your bone and joint health, you’ve come to the right place to broaden your knowledge and gain practical health tips.

If you’re new to the Artic Flex family, every week we publish a fresh piece of content Friday mornings.

This special day of the week is called Flex Friday.


Three things you can expect from Flex Fridays

  • Tips and tricks to support your bone and joint health
  • Easy-to-read blog posts on the latest news, dietary research, and topics related to your overall nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness
  • A first look at our special offers, like free eBooks and discounts


Bone and joint health made simple for you

There’s a lot of health, wellness, and nutrition information on the Internet these days—from high quality, gold-standard studies to viral fads that aren’t backed by any evidence—so much so, that it can get overwhelming and extremely time-consuming to figure out what is true and what is false.

It’s our mission to review and sift through the reputable sources—like academic papers, research journals, and orthopedic physicians themselves—and to streamline all of the important information for you and the rest of the Artic Flex fam.

Our goal is to empower you so you can make the best decisions possible when it comes to improving your health.


If you have a question that you’ve wanted to ask regarding krill oil, bone and joint health, omega-3 fatty acids, exercise, etc., ask us!

(Seriously, we want to hear from you!)

We’re always looking to research and write about topics our readers want to know about, so send us your questions.  You can also follow #FlexFriday on Facebook or add to your own posts.

Can’t wait to support your bone and joint health knowledge bit by bit each week?

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