Artic Flex Bone & Joint Formula was developed by those who know joints best: orthopedic surgeons.

From the krill oil itself to the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants carefully selected to be in the formula, Artic Flex is based on real clinical data, not trendy fads.  It’s easy to find supplements with the “right” nutrients, but when it comes to your cells being able to access and use those nutrients…it’s a different story.

After all, what’s the use in taking supplements if they’re not great at supplementing your health?

The ingredients of Artic Flex include key players in bone and joint health and a naturally occurring lipid that supports efficient absorption:


Why krill oil?

You might be wondering, “Why krill oil and not fish oil?

It’s a great question, especially since their ingredients don’t differ by much.  For example, both tend to contain EPA and DHA, astaxanthin, and Vitamin D.

Krill oil’s benefits lie above and beyond the individual nutrients it contains:

  • It has the largest biomass on the planet, making it a more sustainable choice
  • Between the strict harvesting standards and pristine conditions of the Southern Antarctic Ocean, krill come in far less contact with toxins, contaminants, and pollutants as seen with typical, industrial fisheries
  • Astaxanthin and phospholipids are found naturally in krill; this can’t be assumed with all fish
  • In fact, fish oil doesn’t contain phospholipids, instead, triglycerides are its main oily component


Why do phospholipids matter?

As you may remember from your biology class, all of our cells have an outer layer called the plasma membrane. This membrane consists entirely of phospholipids.

They help to protect your cells from the outside environment but also allow certain nutrients in and out as well.

Since krill oil is phospholipid-based, it has a much easier time entering your cells, whereas triglyceride-based oils have a harder time.

Ever wondered why some omega-3 capsules are so large?  Absorption (and bioavailability) of the nutrients is often the main reason…

If it’s harder to absorb, you need a lot more to ensure your cells are getting enough.

In the case of krill oil, you can rest assured that your joints’ cells will absorb the nutrients in the small soft gel efficiently.


For a list of clinical studies we refer to on our website, click here.