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Our Story

A small group of orthopedic surgeons gathered in response to the need for a better researched-based bone and joint supplement made of high-quality ingredients for their patients.

After testing and re-testing different formulations including fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, and krill oil…

Krill oil stood out as
the clear winner...

and Artic Flex was born!

Clinical Results

The krill oil in Artic Flex has shown to have positive effects on participants with joint-related issues.

within 14 days... after 30 days...
CRP Biomarker
CRP is the biomarker that most strongly correlates with future cardiovascular events.
Stiffness Discomfort Function
Krill oil
29% 39% 38% 35%
32% 4% 0.6% 6%
Krill oil
within 14 days...
CRP Biomarker
CRP is the biomarker that most strongly correlates with future cardiovascular events.
29% 32%
after 30 days...
Stiffness 39% 4%
Discomfort 38% 0.6%
Function 35% 6%

This is a clinical study that shows improvement when our product is used for 15 days.

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Better Absorption

Compared to fish oil's triglycerides, krill oil contains a super absorbable nutrient: phospholipids.
Researchers have found that when combined with krill oil, nutrients like Vitamin D3 are absorbed 2x better.

Vitamin D Alone


Vitamin D + Krill Oil


Environmentally Sustainable

Our patented bone & joint formula includes krill oil from world's first and current leader in krill oil, Neptune Krill Oil (NKO).

NKO comes from highly regulated facilites that meet the CCAMLR's sustainable
harvesting standards and is "Friend of the Sea" Certified.

The preservation of the pristine, deep waters of the Southern Antarctic Ocean means less toxins,
heavy metals, contaminants, and pollutants
that are typical for industrial fisheries.

Our Ingredients

Artic Flex was formulated by those who
know joints best...orthopedic surgeons.

  • EPA & DHA

    (omega-3 fatty acids)



  • ZINC


"My fish oil has 10x the amount of omega-3's...
why should I take Artic Flex if it has so much less???"

It’s not about how much you have… it’s about how much you can absorb.

Triglycerides make fish oil’s nutrients harder to absorb. That’s why there’s so
much more EPA + DHA in one pill; you need a lot of it to (hopefully) get enough.

Krill oil’s phospholipids are able to do more with less.

Why? All of our cells are made up of phospholipids, making their
absorption naturally more efficient.

Want to learn more about how these ingredients support bone & joint health?

Nutrient Info

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